• Lets Shop Mall - New HairClip

    New HairClip

    HairClip design for new born baby. Special Clip to handle little hair and not hurt baby skin. Sweet and fashion design hairclip makes baby life sunshine.

  • Lets Shop Mall - Elegant Kids HairBand

    Elegant Kids HairBand

    New korean style design hairband for your little girl. Kids looks like little princess with the hairband.

  • Lets Shop Mall - 2020 Design HairBand

    2020 Design HairBand

    New design hairband for all young ladies.

  • Lets Shop Mall - Story Jigsaw Puzzle

    Story Jigsaw Puzzle

    A puzzle with a story. Good quality puzzle with sharp color and attractive story line. Parents can play together with your child as a family game. Can play as Jigsaw game.

  • Lets Shop Mall - Learning Puzzle

    Learning Puzzle

    Simple puzzle for your kids. Kids can learn while playing the puzzle. Puzzle can help to improve imagination beside learning what is the image is set.

  • Lets Shop Mall - Magic Drawing Pen

    Magic Drawing Pen

    Do you have issue on your kids drawing everywhere at your house. This books can draw by your kids anytime by using the magic pen. The drawing can be re-draw after the book is dry up. Try it and make your child life fill with colourful world.

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